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Career Coach, Leadership Coach, award-winning author, and global keynote speaker

Sherri Thomas advanced her own career through 3 Fortune 500 companies....

Sherri Thomas is a career coach, leadership coach and re-branding expert. She has helped thousands of professionals pivot, re-brand and advance their career.

In her own career, Sherri worked for three Fortune 500 Companies, including 8 years inside the HR department at a Fortune 100 tech company as career coach and personal branding strategist to leaders and managers.

Overall, she’s re-branded herself 5 times, worked in 4 different industries and held various positions in HR, corporate management training, leadership development, IT, marketing and program management. Each time she re-branded, she increased her salary as much as 32-percent.
Read how to bounce back after a career setback

Consultant, Leadership Coach and Motivational Speaker

Sherri Thomas is a consultant, leadership coach and motivational speaker for career empowerment and personal branding.

Companies hire Sherri to support and build powerful employee development, talent management, and diversity programs including Boeing, Raytheon, Intel, Schneider-Electric and more.
Sherri Thomas, Career Coach

Sherri Thomas is author of
two career change books including

**Named 2013 “BEST CAREER BOOK” by Indie Book Awards

Although the book reveals the dark side of what millions of Americans are facing today which is being either unemployed, laid off or undervalued in the job market, the overall message is clearly uplifting which is, “Yes, there is life after a layoff!” and gives readers the roadmap and insider secrets to get re-hired, promoted and rebound into a more gratifying and higher paying career.

Barbara Barrett, Sherri Thomas
Sherri nails it! Her fresh, cogent advice can rescue a career that suffers a hiccup. Following Sherri’s advice, any career can bounce back to a higher professional trajectory. Her motivating stories, powerful lessons and thoughtful strategies can help your career to overcome – or avoid – a setback!

Endorsed by:
Barbara Barrett, United States Secretary of the Air Force

Sherri Thomas, Marcus Buckingham
Sherri’s passion for career development is infectious. Throughout this book, Sherri provides inspiring stories, lessons learned and step-by-step processes to bounce back from a variety of career setbacks. I believe this book offers valuable strategies to help individual contributors, managers and executives rebound from a career setback, and transition into a meaningful, purposeful and inspiring career.

Endorsed by:
Marcus Buckingham, best-selling author of “First, Break All the Rules” and “Now Go Discover your Strengths”

**Previously on AMAZON’s TOP 10 LIST for personal branding books.

If you’ve been laid off, passed over for a promotion, unsuccessful in transitioning to a different role, company, or industry, or just want to boost your personal image, then this book is for you. Learn you how to create a powerful personal brand in five simple steps.

Sherri Thomas is a popular
global motivational speaker...

Sherri speaks to groups up to 5,000 about career empowerment. Organizations hire Sherri to support diversity and talent management initiatives including Boeing, Raytheon, Intel, Schneider-Electric and more.

As a keynote and motivational speaker, Sherri has spoken at conferences and events all over the United States, as well as in Malaysia, Singapore, Israel, Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, Ireland, Haiti, Bali and Kenya.

Sherri is a
keynote and motivational speaker

She has spoken at conferences and events all over the United States, as well as in Malaysia, Singapore, Israel, Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, Ireland, Haiti, Bali and Kenya.

Passing it

Sherri has been a career coach and mentored thousands of executives, leaders, and professionals who have successfully pivoted, re-branded or advanced their career. Her company, Career Coaching 360 awards full coaching scholarships to women in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kenya to help further their career.

She is also the owner of the “Pass It Forward” Scholarship Fund that helps diverse working women at South Mountain Community College advance their education and career. Sherri serves on the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation Board of Directors.


Sherri Thomas is a leading career coach, leadership coach, and certified by the International Coaching Federation as a professional career coach (PCC), Project Management Organization as a project management professional (PMP), Hogan assessment and Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI).
International Professional Coach certified
PMP certified
Hogan assessment certified
LPI certification