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Resume Package #1
“Do it yourself resume tips, templates and samples.”
Resume Package #2
“I already have a resume – I just need it updated and professionally polished!”
Resume Package #3
“Write my resume for me!”
Professionally designed chronological and skills-based resume templates and samples for professionals and executives. Includes easy, step-by-step strategies so you can drop in content and go!
Resume cover letter template and sample.
ASCII Resume Formatting Guide.
Professional Resume Critique: One hour session with professional resume writer to get personalized step-by-step recommendations on how to write and polish your resume.
Professional Resume Critique 15-minute follow-up session with professional resume writer (after your’ve implemented recommendations) for final review & recommendations.
Sit back and relax. Let us do all the work and write your resume for you! We’ll create a customized resume using one of our exclusive professionally designed resume templates.
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Client Testimonials…

“I never had a problem marketing someone else’s product or service, but when it came to my own skills – I would draw a blank. Sherri’s expertise clearly positioned my skills, accomplishments and personal strengths to engage prospective employers. I now have my dream job, but wouldn’t have reached the next level without her insight.” ~ John Bord, Chief Marketing Officer

“I decided to make a career change after 15 years in the same industry. When I thought about looking for a new job, developing a resume, and interviewing, I was overwhelmed. Meeting with the coaches at Career Coaching 360 put me at ease. After every consultation I felt more confident and secure. They developed an amazing resume for me, prepped me for interviews, and talked me through every step of transitioning into a new career. Because of Career Coaching 360, I landed my dream job! I’m now in a career that I love which brings me great growth opportunities, challenges and real success.” ~ Tracey Kiest, American Red Cross

“Sherri Thomas is amazing and really helped me focus on my strengths when I was struggling to reinvent my career. She helped me stay focused on the positive things I could offer and see how much I really could do to improve my career search. Just by taking responsibility for the search activities and calling on resources to guide me (Sherri was my greatest and only resource- by the way) in my search, resume creation, and interview processes. I would (and I have) recommended her to my friends. She is very positive, energetic, creative and supportive.
How many people get the opportunity to work with someone possessing those characteristics? It was truly my pleasure to work with her in a very important time in my life. Reinventing a career is not the easiest thing to do and with Sherri’s help/support I was able to transition into my dream career.” ~ Kim Kaufman, Organizational Development Consultant

For prospective clients to see if we’re a good fit, get started by e-mailing my executive assistant Tim Anderson, to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation with me! We can get started as soon as you’re ready!