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Career Coach Sherri Thomas

Motivational speaker for employee engagement,
talent management, and diversity initiatives.

As Founder & President of Career Coaching 360, I help company leaders and employees think differently about how to live a meaningful and purposeful career.

I’ve spoken at more than 500 business and company conferences all over the world including the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel, Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, Ireland, Bali, Haiti and Kenya.

From keynote speaker to leading workshops, I support companies with diversity, employee engagement, and talent management initiatives such as Raytheon, Schneider-Electric, Intel, Boeing, Thunderbird Global School of Management, and more.

Presentation and workshops topics include –

  • “A Diverse Perspective: How to Create, Market and Role Model a Powerful Personal Brand”
  • “Career Empowerment: Driving Your Career Through a Changing Environment”
  • For leaders and managers: “Building a Powerful Leadership Brand : Building your credibility and influence with company leaders, Sr. managers and subject matter experts
  • For leaders and managers: “Team Management Branding: developing your team’s leadership brand to grow your company’s bottom line”

I’ve had the honor and privilege of being a motivational speaker at conferences including the Global Symposium for Project Management Institute (3x), Intel’s Diversity Leadership Conference, Intel’s Developer Forum, Boeing’s Learning & Education series, Schneider-Electric’s Employee Development Conference, Thunderbird Global School of Management’s Artemis program (2x), and more.

Motivational Speaker and Career CoachSherri Thomas
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