“CAREER UP” 8-week master class

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Our job may not be everything… but it’s a MAJOR part of our lives.

For those of us who are career minded, being in the wrong job (even if it’s simply not quite right) can drain our energy, cause lower results and even take a hit to our self confidence.  And when you carry all of this churn and frustration into your job every day, it’s bound to hold you back!

I hate to see that happen!

I coach professionals every day who make changes in their career. Sometimes it’s a subtle shift that yields better alignment, more empowerment, and a boost in income.  Other times, it’s a sweeping change out of a long term career and into something completely different that profoundly impacts the person’s life journey.

In any case, your career should bring you pride, purpose and empowerment. If it isn’t, then we should be working together.

As a leading Career Strategist and someone who has personally made four major career changes (each with a significant advancement), I know first hand how it feels to be giving everything you have to a job that depletes your energy, and even worse, your self confidence.

AND, I know how it feels to summon your courage, get help and forge a new future!

If this sounds appealing to you, then my new 8-week masterclass can help you get there!

“CAREER UP” is an advanced 8-week LIVE training and professional development program that I designed specifically for professionals with 6-figure incomes (and those who aspire to have 6-figure incomes) who want to advance, pivot and create BIGGER career opportunities.

This program is about expanding into a more meaningful and purposeful career that will allow you to achieve the lifestyle you’ve been yearning for. It’s about learning the strategies, deepening your career mastery and building the confidence you need to land BIGGER opportunities and live a more empowering and enriching life.

“CAREER UP” will be led by me, Sherri Thomas, a leading Career Coach, Huffington Post career columnist and author of the award-winning book, “The Bounce Back – personal stories and strategies to bounce back after a layoff, re-org or career setback.”

I’ve helped more than 1,000 professionals and leaders advance, pivot and create more opportunities in their career.  In my own career I’ve made four successful changes including media, marketing, finance and high-tech, and with each transition I increased my job title, leadership brand and paycheck by 15 – 34%.  Today, I’m a Career Strategist inside a Fortune 100 Company (where I’ve worked for the past 18 years) and have my own external coaching practice where I coach and mentor professionals who want a BIGGER career.

Invest in Yourself!

NOW is the time to invest in yourself!  Sign up right now for my very small, private “CAREER UP” 8-week master class to learn how to advance, pivot and create BIGGER career opportunities.
Limited Availability – only 8 seats available.

What you’ll get –

  • TWO (2) 50-minute personal one-on-one coaching sessions with me, Sherri Thomas.  As your personal career coach, I’m committed to supporting you during your change and transformation.  I’ll help you create your next-career vision, overcome roadblocks, find opportunities, take risks and any other career-related issues you’d like to work through. During your personal coaching sessions with me, you’ll own the agenda!  **Both sessions must be taken any time during the 8-week master class event.  Schedule your coaching sessions with my executive assistant at: Tim@CareerCoaching360.com.  Coaching sessions may be held over the phone or via Skype.
  • Once a week for eight weeks, you’re invited to attend my private 1-hour master classes.  These are LIVE training and professional development classes led by me on each of the topics below!  For the 1st 30-minutes, I’ll share client case studies, personal stories, and strategies from my book, “Career Smart” on the topics below. During the last 30-minutes, I’ll open it up to Q & A where I invite you to be fully engaged, participate and ask questions.  These sessions are held by phone using my private bridge number. Below is the curriculum for each class in my Career Up Master Class program –
    • Professional growth planning – leveraging my own personal “5-point professional growth template” to identify your goals, gaps and pathway to your next career.
    •  Flexing your professional muscles – addressing setbacks to step into your strengths zone and lead with confidence.
    •  Building a powerful personal leadership brand – expanding your influence, credibility and visibility to create more job opportunities (internal and external.)
    •  Managing your manager – learn how to manage expectations, navigate conflict and build your personal leadership brand with your manager and senior leaders.
    •  Building a circle of allies with influence – networking strategically to build relationships with those who could potentially advance, pivot and change your career.
    •  Springboarding – Leveraging your successes to dramatically make big, bold moves in your career.
    •  Should I stay or should I go? Assessing the benefits and constraints of your current job, with the benefits and constraints of other internal and external career opportunities.
    • 3 types of career opportunities – strategies to find, create and land bigger, high quality career opportunities (inside and outside of your current organization.)

**All calls will be recorded so if you cannot attend, no problem! – you’ll still get full access to all my master classes and materials!  The link to each recording will be emailed to you within 48 hours of the class so you’ll be able to review (and re-review) all classes!

  • Plus, you’ll also get my CAREER UP Master Class workbook – filled with tools, guides and worksheets to help you create a step-by-step actionable plan to land your next great career.

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July/August 2019 Master Class –  FILLED. 


August/September 2019 Master Class – FILLED.


The registration links have been deleted off this page because all Master Classes have been currently filled.  We’re working behind the scenes planning future Master Classes. If you would like to be notified when our next Master Class is open and available (our Master Classes fill up very fast!) simply write to Tim@CareerCoaching360.com.