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Start here to get the strategies, tools and framework to change your career.

Start here to get the strategies, tools and framework to change your career

My clients come from a variety of industries and backgrounds. Most are executives, managers and professionals who are in leadership, program management, technical, finance, healthcare, media or marketing positions. All have one goal – they are stuck in their career and want to pivot, re-brand or advance their career. But they don’t want just any career.

They want a career filled with meaning, purpose and a lifestyle transformation.

  1. I teach them the art of mastering their own career.
  2. I teach them how to find their passion.
  3. I show them how to find high quality, high paying jobs.

And I give them tools and a framework to put themselves in high demand with hiring managers, recruiters and HR specialists.

If you’re ready right now to transform your career and lifestyle, then I invite you to join me in one of my career change programs. You will be learning the exact same strategies that my alumni clients have already learned and used to successfully pivot, re-brand and advance their career.

Leadership Coach
Career Strategist

Before I became a Leadership Coach and Career Strategist at a Fortune 100 Company, I was living a “small” career and experienced some tough breaks. Layoffs, re-orgs, and internal politics can be soul crushing.

In fact, earlier in my career I was laid off 3 times (I called it the 3-bang layoff in my award winning book, The Bounce Back) before I learned how to master the art of creating, finding and landing jobs that gave me the scope and challenge I wanted, and filled me with meaning and purpose.

Fast forward to today, I have helped over 1,000 executives and professionals transform their career and life.

First, I teach my clients how to find job opportunities that align with their expertise, strengths and passion.

Next, I teach them how to break through HR barriers so that their resume gets noticed by hiring managers and stands above a sea of applicants.

Finally, I help my clients prepare effectively for job interviews, how to communicate with hiring managers, and how to negotiate a high-paying salary.

If these are things you would like to learn, then I invite you to scroll down to view my most popular career change resources (these are the exact same resources that my clients who have already successfully transitioned into a new career are using)

Master Classes with Sherri2 Master Classes per month
Led by Sherri

**with bonus – full access to the Career Change Resources Library!

$59 monthly

Get an exclusive one-time FREE PASS to jump into 2 MASTER CLASSES EVERY MONTH with Career Coach Sherri Thomas and get the most updated and powerful techniques to land a new job! These are 60-minute LIVE VIDEO career coaching classes hosted by Sherri and going on RIGHT NOW teaching topics such as how to brand/re-brand yourself in a career change, how to get through the “black hole” of online job applications, how to negotiate a higher salary, and much more. She is also interviewing experts for insider tips including hiring managers, recruiters, HR specialists, salary negotiation experts, clients who have already landed their dream job, and more!

Master Classes are held the 1st and 3rd Thursday’s of every month at 5:00PM PACIFIC time. If you cannot attend, no worries! Each class is recorded and published within 48 hours so you won’t miss a thing!

Please note – date and time of classes are subject to change due to holidays, vacations, technical snafus, etc. What we guarantee is that Sherri will host 2 Master Classes per month ☺

1st and 3rd Thursday’s of every month
at 5:00PM PACIFIC time
Want a FREE BONUS with your Master Classes?

**Join today and get THIS WEEK’s FREE BONUS immediate access to the “Career Change Resources Library” featuring step-by-step RESUME and INTERVIEWING videos, templates, and guides to help you write a powerful and polished resume, and prepare for your upcoming job interview. Includes samples and templates for a chronological resume, skills-based resume, and executive style resume, as well as a cover letter template and sample. This is a self-study Career Change Resources library.

The fine print:

After you complete the purchase, we will immediately email you details on how you can attend the NEXT Master Class with Sherri, plus THIS WEEK’s FREE BONUS link to access the special Career Change Resources library. You will also be assigned a customer care concierge to support you. You can write to us anytime at Service@CareerCoaching360.com . You may cancel at any time.

Master Classes with Sherri2 Master Classes per month led by Sherri

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