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“Interview Smart: Insider Secrets to Getting the Job”

This is my absolute must have interviewing cheat sheet for all professionals and executives.
~ Sherri Thomas

Learn how to brand yourself, speak confidently about your strengths, skills and successes, and how to answer the toughest questions like What’s your biggest weakness?  You’ll also get a list of the really smart questions for you to ask your interviewer, and everything else you need to set yourself apart from the competition and land the job!

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To get your free copy, click on the “Buy Now” button above and add the discount code: “INCREASEMYSALARY”

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sherri_thomas 1426 - Copy (427x640)Hi, I’m Sherri Thomas, President of Career Coaching 360, and I’ve personally springboarded into higher job roles with a 12-34% salary increase in each of my four (4) major career transitions. I’ve learned a ton about job interviewing through my own career transitions, as well as through the hundreds of executives and professionals that I’ve coached through landing their own new career!

I’ve written this guide, “Interviewing Smart – Insider Secrets to Getting the Job” to help make it easier for YOU to land in your new career. Throughout my 10-years coaching professionals, leaders, and executives into their own new career, I’ve learned what the toughest interview questions are, how to answer the tough questions, how to talk about your accomplishments to set yourself apart from your competition, and what to say to close the deal.

Specifically, you will learn from my ebook, “Interviewing Smart – Insider Secrets to Getting the Job” the six (6) major categories of interviewing to help ease the stress of interviewing and help you land your new career including-

  • The 5 things your interviewer REALLY WANTS to know about you.
  • The RIGHT answers to the toughest questions including behavioral questions, and the dreaded, “Tell me about your weaknesses.”
  • Which questions you MUST ASK your Interviewer. (Yes, you should also be interviewing the hiring manager to learn if the company culture and management style are a good fit for you!)
  • Critical strategies for managing perceptions and sending the right messages during your interview.
  • Easy ways to stand out from your competition and position yourself as the TOP candidate.
  • The TWO THINGS you MUST DO to successfully close the deal and get the job offer!

“I’ve been able to springboard to higher job roles with a higher salary in each of my four (4) major career transitions, and I’ve written this ebook to help other professionals and executives do the same.” ~Sherri Thomas

If you’d like personal support and one-on-one coaching to help you transform into a more meaningful and purposeful career visit: https://careercoaching360.com/old_live_site/careercoaching/

Meet some of my clients who’ve used these same interviewing success strategies

 John Bord“I never had a problem marketing someone else’s product or service, but when it came to my own skills – I would draw a blank.  Sherri’s expertise clearly positioned my skills, accomplishments and personal strengths to engage prospective employers.  I now have my dream job, but wouldn’t have reached the next level without her insight.”  ~ John Bord, Chief Marketing Officer
 “I was in a work situation that really wasn’t for me. My motivation was at an all-time low and I even started questioning whether I belonged in my current career. That’s when fate intervened and I met Sherri. She’s, an excellent listener, motivator and communicator. Through her sessions, Sherri was able to help me reconnect with my passion and gave me the tools and confidence to change careers and achieve my dream job which includes: Great manager, Great team, Great culture. Thanks Sherri!”  ~ Ken Furukawa, Research In Motion
Tracey Kiest, American Red Cross“I decided to make a career change after 15 years in the same industry.  When I thought about looking for a new job, developing a resume, and interviewing, I was overwhelmed. Meeting with the coaches at Career Coaching 360 put me at ease.  After every consultation I felt more confident and secure.  They developed an amazing resume for me, prepped me for interviews, and talked me through every step of transitioning into a new career.  Because of Career Coaching 360, I landed my dream job!  I’m now in a career that I love which brings me great growth opportunities, challenges and real success.”  ~ Tracey Kiest, American Red Cross
“I recently left a great company after 8-years of employment. Although I knew I had great skills, certifications and a strong college education, I struggled to understand exactly what interviewers were looking for in a candidate. Was I portraying myself well? Did I properly articulate my skills, past work experience and added value? Struggle no more… Sherri easily and confidently articulated exactly what employers were looking for during the interview process. It was as simple as following a few steps to ensure an exceptional interview process. And within just a few weeks, I was hired by a great company. I never realized it could be that easy!”~Rob Richardson – Project Manager, Engineering Solution

**P.S. If you’d like personal support and one-on-one coaching to help you transform into a more meaningful and purposeful career visit: https://careercoaching360.com/careercoaching/