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02I’m Sherri Thomas and I’ve been a career coach for the past 5 years, helping hundreds of professionals transition into more meaningful and higher paying jobs.  My clients have had such overwhelming successes, that I decided to capture all of the best practices, key insights and lessons learned from my clients, as well as from my own personal journey into a new simple and easy video training program.

In my own career, I’ve been blessed to have had a really exciting career where I began as a morning show DJ at a radio station in California, and then reinvented myself into the television, finance and high tech industries.   I’ve worked for three (3) Fortune 500 companies including my last job where I worked 10+ years with a 6-figure salary.  I have also written an award-winning book named “Best Career Book” by the Indie Book Awards, been interviewed in the Wall Street Journal 12 times, TIME magazine, SmartMoney magazine 3 times, the New York Daily Post, and NBC-TV in Phoenix more than 20 times.

Although I’ve had an incredibly thrilling journey, earlier in my career I had a few setbacks.  I was laid off three times.  Once because the company sold, once because the company down-sized and once because I accepted a position where I was expected to do the jobs of two Sr. managers who had just quit the company. Those experiences taught me that I needed to learn how to  to take control of my own career.  Through trial and error, I began systematically figuring out what it took to reinvent myself into different industries and job roles, how to strategically network to get job leads, referrals and recommendations, how to write my resume to stand out from the crowd of job candidates, and most of all, how to set myself  up for success in a brand new job.

As a leading career coach for the past 5 years, I’ve been sharing these exact same success strategies with other professionals who came to me for help in landing more meaningful, and higher paying jobs.  Through our one-on-one personal coaching sessions, I’ve witnessed first-hand hundreds of my clients successfully changing into new companies, industries and job roles.

And now, I’ve captured all  of those exact same success strategies in an exclusive “Land a Job Faster” video training program.  In this special program, I walk through step-by-step how my clients, myself and other professionals featured in my award winning book, The Bounce Back have bounced into more meaningful (and higher paying) jobs by following these powerful strategies and techniques –

  • Video #1 Rebuilding A Positive Mindset. In this online 1-hour training video, I guide you through what I call the 3 “F’s” – frustration, forgiveness and fear. The biggest factor in landing a new job is having positive energy and a positive, confident mindset.  In this training video, I will teach you how to look back, glean lessons from your past, forgive others and move into a positive mindset so that you can attract the right people and opportunities. I’ll also teach you how to gain clarity on the type of meaningful and purposeful work that you want and are meant to be doing. (After you click on the “add to cart” button and go through the registration process, you will be taken to a web page where you can click the link and immediately watch the online video to begin implementing the success strategies…)


  • Video #2 Cracking the Code of Networking. Online 1-hour training video.  Networking shouldn’t be hard or intimidating – it should be easy!  85-percent of jobs today are going to those candidates who have a referral within the organization.  That means networking is your most effective strategy for landing a new job.  During this one-hour tutorial, I’ll share with you all of my strategies and tactics on the “right way” to network, exactly what to say to your network and when to ask for help so that your in-box overflows with job leads, referrals and recommendations.  (After you click on the “add to cart” button and go through the registration process, you will be taken to a web page where you can click the link and immediately watch the online video to begin implementing the success strategies…)


  • Video #3 – The 3 Truths of Resumes. In this online 1-hour training video, I take you into a deep dive of my own personal resume!  I’ll share with you my special customizable 3-part resume template and teach you how to showcase the “right” key words, transferable skills and the best strategies for addressing any employment gaps. You’ll also be able to see examples of my favorite resumes, and learn what you must include in your own resume to get more high-quality and higher paying job interviews.  Yes, I am showing you all of the professionally designed and customizable tools and templates that I personally use, and that my clients use!  (After you click on the “add to cart” button and go through the registration process, you will be taken to a web page where you can click the link and immediately watch the online video to begin implementing the success strategies…)


  • Video #4 Acing your Job Interview. In this online 1-hour training video, I will share with you what your interviewer really wants to know about your weaknesses, unemployment gaps, strengths, successes and your job history. I will also teach you how to give the “right” answers to tough questions such as, “Tell me about yourself”, “Why are you looking for a job”, and “What is your biggest weakness?”  You’ll also learn my favorite tips to prepare for upcoming interviews, how to ask great questions, and what to say to close the interview so that you get more job offers.  (After you click on the “add to cart” button and go through the registration process, you will be taken to a web page where you can click the link and immediately watch the online video to begin implementing the success strategies…)


  •  Video #5 Setting Yourself Up for Success. In this online 1-hour training video, I will give you the roadmap of what you need to do differently to bounce back and set yourself up for long-term success in your next career. I will show you how to build your credibility and influence inside a new organization, develop a strong, positive relationship with your new manager by aligning and exceeding expectations, flex your professional muscles and leading with your strengths.  (After you click on the “add to cart” button and go through the registration process, you will be taken to a web page where you can click the link and immediately watch the online video to begin implementing the success strategies…)


  • Power Pack of 2018 Career Resources.  I’ve spent over a hundred hours scanning the internet to discover the newest, best and most effective career apps, website and resources.  This is a 52 page ebook full of my favorite career tools that I created for my clients to save you time and energy of researching the web.  I’ve also bundled together 3 of my most popular career e-books for a special low price of $59.  This PDF download includes four (4) must-have resources to help you land a new job faster including –
    1. “Double your Job Offers by Working Smarter with Recruiters” Package – learn the best techniques on how to find, select, and partner with recruiters so that you can pass the phone screening interviews, and get selected for the best jobs! Includes articles and reference materials.
    2. “List of Favorites” Career apps, websites and resources to land your new job faster– No need to scan the internet for the best ways to find new job opportunities – I’ve done all the research for you and created a list of my favorite and most effective job search apps, websites and resources!  A must-have cheat sheet of the hottest jobs, best companies and fastest growing industries. Includes 2018 hottest jobs and industries, highest paying companies and jobs, best 50 niche job boards, 10 best career websites, LinkedIn best practices and top professional and career assessments.  Saves you hours and hours of time researching career websites and apps – everything you need is already compiled in this 52-page ebook.
    3. “INTERVIEWING SMART – Insider Secrets to Getting The Job” – I’ve personally written this 21-page e-book to give you the most effective and successful interviewing strategies to help you get the job including what your interviewer really wants to know about you, how to answer the toughest questions such as “What is your greatest weakness”, “Tell me about yourself”, and behavioral interviewing questions.
    4. THE SALARY COMPENSATION GUIDE – What’s Your Best Salary?” How do you know if you’re getting paid what you’re worth in today’s marketplace? How do you know if your paycheck, or salary offer, is at the low end of the scale? Learn how and where to get the answers.

(After you click the “add to cart” button you will be able taken to a web page where you can immediately download all four (4) resources in the Power Pack of 2018 Career Resources bundle and begin implementing the success strategies…)


 The greatest value of The “Success Stories to Land a New Job Faster” program is that you’re learning from others who have already successfully bounced back after a setback.

Sherri Thomas My personal guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with my “Land a Job Faster” video training program, just let me know within 15 days of your purchase, and I’ll give you a 100% refund. No reason needed. And that’s my promise!



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The “Land a Job Faster” DVD training self study program with Bonus Reference Materials

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The greatest value of the “Land a Job Faster” program is that you’re learning from others who have already successfully bounced back after a setback. ~Leading Career Coach Sherri Thomas

Frequently Asked Questions –

Which format should I choose?  This special program is offered in two (2) formats including:

  1. Online version – simply select the videos and resources you want to add to your cart, and after you’ve gone through the payment process you’ll immediately be taken to a special web page where you can watch the video(s).  Additionally, you’ll be sent an email with the link to the special web page so that you can keep it as reference and watch the video(s) as many times as you want!
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