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January 24, 2020

Should you re-brand your career as a leader? As an executive, you’ve worked your entire career to build a powerful leadership brand.  You have achieved many successes, and have an impressive portfolio and reputation built on technical mastery, business acumen, industry knowledge and leadership skills.  Congratulations!  You’ve proven that you have the brilliance, drive, and...

February 2, 2018

Dreaming of a new job? Perhaps something more meaningful, fulfilling and with a beefier paycheck? If you said, Yes, then the timing couldn’t be better.  The unemployment rate is currently hovering at a low 4.1% and the US Economy added a healthy 148,000 jobs last month (mostly in the construction, healthcare, leisure & hospitality and...

April 14, 2013

symptoms of diabetes p> Who is really responsible for your career? Who is the decision maker? Who is the driver? You are. If you’re in a career that fills you with small-ness, resentment, anger, boredom, regret or frustration, then it’s time to ask yourself two questions… “How much longer will I accept this situation?”  And,...