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Are you thinking, “I need a new job”? Are you thinking it every day?
I get it. I’m here for you.
Before I retired at the age of 55, I worked inside 3 Fortune 500 companies, rebranded myself 5 times, and each time I re-branded I increased my salary up to 32-percent. I’ve learned which jobs are stable, which jobs pay well, and which jobs feed my soul. And now I teach others how to do the same. If you’re ready to change your job and transform your life, then I invite you to walk with me.

Career Coach Sherri Thomas
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Step Into A More
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It’s no secret -
I love my work!

Because for me, the true joy of coaching comes from helping my clients transform their career and elevate their life’s purpose. As your leadership and career coach, I’ll help you tackle your biggest career challenges, setbacks and goals. I’ll teach you how to re-frame a setback, how to brand or re-brand yourself, and how to put yourself in high demand with company leaders, hiring managers, and HR specialists.

Find out more about everything I offer, here. Let’s discover how you can transform your career and your lifestyle…
"Part 2 - Land a new job in the coronavirus epidemic" with Sherri Thomas

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Career Books

My career hasn't always
been pretty.

Before I wrote an award-winning book and became a Leadership Coach and Career Strategist at a Fortune 100 Company, I experienced some tough breaks in my career.

Layoffs, re-orgs, bullying and internal politics can be a tough road to navigate.

But I learned how to showcase my successes, re-frame setbacks, and build my credibility and influence with Sr. leaders and executives. I also learned how to find and create more of the right opportunities for myself, and how to put myself (and now my clients) in high-demand with recruiters and hiring managers.

Make the transformation
to a more meaningful career

Get coaching, programs and materials to pivot, re-brand and advance your career.

Want to
know more about me?

Want to know more about who I am or how my own career working for three Fortune 500 companies led me to become an award-winning author, global keynote speaker, and career coach to over 1000 executives and professionals who transformed into a more meaningful and purposeful career?

Let me take you on my personal career journey.

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