The 6-week, 6-step Career Change Program

Are you feeling stuck in your career and not sure how to move forward?
Have you ever heard of someone who got a new job and changed careers in just a few weeks?
How is it that some professionals get the best jobs and have loads of opportunities, while others struggle in their career?

The fact is changing job roles, companies or industries requires a well executed career change plan. If you don’t have one, then you’ll keep trying to make a change without getting the results you want.

But when you do get the right roadmap, you’ll start getting more opportunities and more choices where having the career you want is not only achievable, it’s inevitable.

Ken was the master at reinventing himself! A successful marketing professional in the media industry and in his 30’s, Ken wanted to completely change job roles, industries and make a major move to the West Coast. He struggled with HOW to make these changes that his heart and mind were telling him to do. After 6 monthsw of struggling, he hired Sherri as his Career Coach and within 6-weeks, Ken had a plan and put it into action. He made a major move from Hawaii to California where he was hired into a sales position by a Fortune 500 technology company – and where he’s been successful, challenged and inspired in his career for the past 2 years!

John was an executive in his mid-40’s. He’d been with the same company in the energy industry for 10 years. After reaching a plateau in the company, John wanted to make a change to a new company where he could advance his career. After struggling to make a change for months with no job interviews, John implemented Sherri’s resume strategies and template, and within just two weeks he got a job interview – and got the job!

Cathy had been with the same healthcare company for 20 years. The company had changed management and was laying off employees. Cathy’s job was safe, but she wanted to make a career change and work for managers who valued and appreciated her talents. It had been 20 years since her last job interview and she wanted to make sure she impressed the panel of 6 executives who were about to interview her. After using Sherri’s strategies in the “Interviewing Smart – Insider Secrets for Getting the Job” e-Book, Cathy nailed the interview and got the job! She feels valued and appreciated by her management staff and has been happy in her new career for over a year!

Tracy had been a TV news producer for 10 years. She was employed – but unfulfilled. Television was the only industry that she’d ever worked in. She knew she wanted a change, but struggled with determining her next career move. She hired Sherri Thomas as her Career Coach and within 6 weeks completely reinvented herself and changed job roles, companies and industries! She’s been successful and happy in her new career for 3 years – and it all started with one coaching session with Sherri.

Rob had been a successful project manager at a Fortune 100 high tech company for 8 years before he was laid off. In his mid-30’s with a wife and new baby, Rob was eager to get his career back on track. But interviews frustrated him – the job offers kept going to other candidates. After implementing Sherri’s interviewing strategies, Rob landed a terrific opportunity as a project manager in Washington DC! He’s thrilled with his career and has been successful in the new company for more than 2 years!


So how do you reinvent your career like that?

Until recently, it has been difficult to understand why some professionals have plenty of terrific job offers and all the career opportunities they want, while others struggle. In this brand new program, you will learn exactly how to break through career roadblocks and reinvent yourself into a more meaningful and purposeful career.

Sherri leads you by the hand, showing you in real time exactly how she was able to successfully reinvent her own career four times into the media, professional sports, finance and high tech industries – and each career change with a salary increase. In this program, she’ll teach you the exact same strategies that she and so many of her clients have used so that you can more quickly and easily move into a new career and experience your best career yet!

In this do-it-yourself career change program, you’ll learn the 6-step, 6-week program plus strategies to break through career setbacks so that you can reinvent yourself into a new and more meaningful career.

You don’t have to struggle to achieve a new career. And you don’t need more news and information about how bad the economy is. What you need is a 6-step, 6-week proven process on how you can break through career challenges and reinvent yourself into a new career that inspires you!

“Those professionals who know how to showcase their strengths, talents, and professional accomplishments are the ones getting hired, promoted, and achieving a successful career.

~ Career Coach Sherri Thomas

Get the proven career system that will help you reinvent yourself and experience a new career full of meaning, purpose and inspiration.

The 6-week, 6-step New Career Program

Career tools, tips and templates designed exclusively for professionals and executives.

Career Change Coaching“Career Change Boot Camp CD Program”

The complete do-it-yourself career coaching program including two (2) audio CD’s, plus an e-Workbook, and transcripts so you can get on the track to a new career right now!

Career Change Program by Career Coaching 360“Easy, customized resume templates & tips “

Our exclusive “Professional Resume Toolbox” includes easy to use resume templates – just drop in your content and go! Includes instructions, resume samples and polished templates to help put you in high demand and stand out from your competition!

Career Change Interviewing Tips“Interviewing Smart: Insider Secrets to Getting the Job” e-Book

The must have “interview cheat sheet” loaded with interviewing questions, answers, and insider strategies to ace your next interview. Includes exclusive interviewing strategies from Sherri’s clients who got the job!

Career Change Interviewing TipsThe “Salary Compensation Guide”

What are you worth in today’s job market? Find out and negotiate the best salary by loading up on compensation strategies and links to expert websites to research salaries by job role, industries and cities. Don’t accept your new job before reading the “Salary Compensation Guide!”

Get all four (4) of these exclusive career change products for just $97!

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