Hottest Jobs, Highest Paying Companies and Fastest Growing Industries in 2016

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Wow, I’m so thrilled!  I just received some really exciting news!  Arriana Huffington sent me a personal note inviting me to be a Huffington Post career columnist so I’m writing to share with you my recently published article, “Hottest Jobs, Highest Paying Companies and Fastest Growing Industries of 2016.”

Career Coach Sherri Thomas

Daydreaming of a new job? With the unemployment rate hovering at 5 percent, and companies hiring an average of 284,000 employees per month over the past 3 months (the best 3-month pace in a year) there couldn’t be a better time to shoot for the moon and land your dream job.

But what if you’re not certain what that dream job is? For a little help, check out US News & Money’s 100 Best Jobs list based on employment opportunity, salary, work/life balance and job security, and Forbes list of 10 Toughest Jobs to Fill for 2016 for jobs that are in high-demand and have have less competition, higher salaries and more market demand. If your niche is banking or finance, then you may want to check out Wall Street’s 10 Most In-Demand Jobs for 2016 published by Bloomberg Business.

Which jobs are trending in 2016? I love Glassdoor’s current trends web page which allows you to view hot trends by location, industry and job title. Also, this special report by US News & Money, 5 Trends for Job Seekers in 2016 provides some excellent tips to help you get your foot in the door including how to best leverage a talent community in your niche.

Want a beefier paycheck? Then check out 30 Highest Paying Jobs in America by Business Insider which features data compiled by the latest US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates survey. Ka-ching!

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About Career Coach Sherri Thomas
Sherri Thomas is a leading career coach who helps professionals transform and thrive in their career. She is a leading career coach, Huffington Post writer, globe trotting keynote speaker, and the 2013 Best Career Book author of “The Bounce Back – personal stories of bouncing back higher and faster after a layoff, re-org or career setback.” As a sought after media source, she has been featured in top news outlets including NBC-TV Phoenix, the Wall St. Journal, TIME, New York Daily News, and many others. She loves traveling around the world and learning about other cultures, thrives in nature, and will always encourage you to go on what she calls a life changing Kenyan safari because the 30-hour flight journey “isn’t that bad.”

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  1. Bren Murphy says:

    Hi Sherri,
    What an amazing invitation – I follow your progress with great anticipation – and hope you keep posting to this blog in the meantime?
    Let us know?
    Thanks Bren

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