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November 10, 2013by Sherri Thomas


If you’re out searching for a job, but thinking about stopping your job search during the months of November and December because nobody is hiring – think again.  That would be a BIG mistake.

Twice in my career, I’ve been hired during the month of December.  No, I’m not talking about temporary jobs like stocking holiday sweaters at the local Gap store or delivering holiday packages for UPS.  I’m talking about real, permanent, full-time job offers I received with large marketing and advertising agencies.

There are three great reasons why it’s actually EASIER to get hired in the months of November and December, than any other time of the year –

  1. First, many companies may still have budget left for 2103.

    Many organizations have an infrastructure in place of “Use it or lose it”, meaning that if they don’t use up their dollars that have already been budgeted and approved for hiring new employees, then that money will be gone on January 1, 2014.

  2. Second, companies want to gear up for 2014.

    Many organizations want to hire new employees now so that they can hit the ground running at the beginning of the year.

  3. Third, there is less competition.

    Many job candidates stop searching for jobs or go on vacation (because they believe the myth that nobody is hiring during the holidays) so the competitive pool is much smaller. Which means that the odds are in your favor 🙂
    Here’s a tip – if you get invited to an interview during the holidays and you want that job, and you need that job – then make it a priority.  Figure out a way to go to that interview and then go see your Aunt Betty in Minneapolis.  Or, if it’s a phone interview, don’t let them hear your brother-in-law laughing in the background to the cat getting fried in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

So how did I get hired?  Networking.  I went to every holiday party, event and mixer I could find.  At first, I felt really awkward saying that I didn’t have a job, but then I just started owning it saying something like, “Actually, I’m looking to take that next step in my career right now, and looking for opportunities as…” an Account Manager, or as a copywriter, or whatever.

I also called up old friends and colleagues and started the conversation by saying, “Hey, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!”  Most people are in a more relaxed and sociable mindset during the holidays (even department managers, hiring managers and company leaders), which makes it easier to connect, and easier to ask for job leads, referrals and recommendations.

For one of my job offers, I called up the President of the company who I use to work for and asked if he could look over my resume to offer me any advice.  That phone conversation led to a meeting, which then led to two interviews, and a job offer the day of his holiday office party.

So if you’re looking for a new job this holiday season, then rev up your job search by putting on your best holiday sweater and going out to socialize.  Who knows, maybe you’ll get a nice beefy paycheck in your stocking this Christmas! 🙂


Sherri Thomas