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August 4, 2013by Sherri Thomas0

This Saturday, I’ll be the “guest DJ” on RadioFreePhoenix.com

Sherri Thomas practicing to be a "Guest DJ" on http://RadioFreePhoenix.com on Saturday, Aug 10th, 5PM PST








My career has been full of U-turns.

Some people have a very straight path in their career, but mine has been a series of ups, downs, U-turns, more ups, more downs and a few hairpin lefts.

I certainly don’t plan it that way. But as I look back, I wouldn’t have changed one single thing.

One U-turn came when I was in college at Arizona State University. My dream was to work in television. Growing up, I use to watch the Mary Tyler Moore show and loved how she produced the news. In my eyes, she was what made that news station “click” and I wanted to be just like her. So I focused my sites on becoming a TV news producer.

During my last semester in college, I was interning at the local NBC-TV station, when I was approached by a friend (the now hugely popular DJ “Larry Mac” in Phoenix and Tucson.) We were friends in college and while I interned at three local TV stations, he was a DJ at the campus radio station. He invited me to take a shift as a disc jockey. I politely turned him down. I didn’t see the whole DJ thing fitting into my career plan. Fortunately, he asked me again, and through his encouragement, I said yes!

Now, I wasn’t the smoothest or coolest DJ.
I stumbled. I fumbled. I flailed.

…but, man was I having fun! That is, until the very last day of my last semester.

That’s when the radio station’s operations manager, another ASU student named Danny who was also the Assistant Manager at a nearby Warehouse Record and Tapes store, called me into his office for a final one-on-one exit interview. He bluntly blurted out that I was the worst disc jockey he’d ever heard. I remember him saying, “Nobody in Phoenix will ever hire you.” Ouch.

Granted, I wasn’t very good, but c’mon, the worst DJ he’d ever heard? Seriously?

Right then and there, I put my Mary-Tyler-Moore career plan on hold and made it my mission to get hired as a DJ in Phoenix. Six months later, I had 10,000 listeners on KUKQ, a small hip hop station in Phoenix where I played hits from artists like Robert Palmer, the Pet Shop Boys, the Bangles, and Kool and the Gang every Saturday night. One year later, I switched to an oldies station, KOOL-FM, and talked to 30,000 listeners every Saturday morning. Three years after that, I was in Monterey, California as the new morning show jock at the rock station playing tunes from Van Halen, Bob Segar, Stevie Nicks and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I became one of the few women in the country to host my own morning radio show.

I’m writing this article as a thank-you to Danny.

Although I didn’t know it at the time, he was a blessing in my life. Had it not been for him, I would never have taken such a huge risk and experienced the magical, exhilarating, adrenaline-chasing world of being a DJ.

Some people are put in your life to support and encourage you. Others are there to challenge you to be better, stronger, or to simply take a different path. As I look back in my career, I’m grateful to those career-changers in my life. They’ve pushed me out of the nest, pointed me in new directions and helped me find new strengths and talents I never knew I had.

Join me this Saturday, August 10th at 5pm PST as I “guest DJ” on RadioFreePhoenix.com

…and again for an encore presentation on Sunday, August 11th at 3pm PST. I’ll be hanging out with one of my favorite gal pals DJ Liz Boyle and station-owner-rock-star Andy Olsen to reveal my personal all-time TOP 15 favorite songs, plus share a few stories from my DJ days – like the time I met Billy Idol 🙂


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