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March 17, 2012by Sherri Thomas3

Not sure how to use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to help you find a job?

Learning how to navigate through the maze of social media can help you land a job faster and easier in today’s tight job market.

Social media tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are leading the way in this new era of internet job search.

  1. Power up on LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn is a free site where you can post your professional profile, build your personal brand, and connect with others.

    One key element in creating a LinkedIn profile that attracts hiring managers and recruiters is to use powerful key words to describe your strengths, talents and successes.  You can identify the “right” key words to use on your profile by referencing sites such as Monster.com for job openings similar to those you’re looking to land. You’ll want to use those same key words in your LinkedIn profile so that employers and recruiters searching LinkedIn to fill job openings can easily find you!

  2. Sign up on job boards.

    Another easy tip to help you land a new job is to create a profile on SimplyHired and Indeed using those same key words. I’ve had clients land jobs using both of those sites!  You can sign up to receive email alerts for new jobs, and then spend a few minutes each day reviewing the latest updates and applying for those jobs that interest you.

  3. Supersize your network.

    After you’ve built your profile on LinkedIn, you can supersize your network by joining as many groups as possible. The maximum allowed is 50 which allows you to connect with other professionals in those industries and job roles you want to transition into, as well as find out about hot job leads and openings!

    Once  you’re in a group, you can start building professional relationships by sending a personal note to anyone in that group, as well as participate in discussions.  By joining in discussions, you can share your knowledge and expertise, connect with others who share similar interests, and develop connections with others who could share job leads, referrals and recommendations.

The key to landing your next job quickly is to join and participate in as many social networks as possible.  The bigger your social network is, the the faster you’ll be able to connect with others who could help you get hired, or introduct you to others who could potentially hire you!

Finally, want one more “bonus” tip?

Check out student blogs  for more great tips on how to find jobs using social media and how to successfully boost your online professional profile.

Sherri Thomas


  • Kent Julian

    April 18, 2012 at 7:06 am

    Hi Sherri! Really loved this post. Thank you so much for sharing such powerful tidbits on how to land a job faster and easier in today’s tight job market by using and navigating through the maze of social media. Social media, being one of the well-sought technological advances of the 21st century, has definitely lots of advantages and one of it’s prime purpose is to build connections. I couldn’t agree more when you said that the key to landing your next job quickly is to join and participate in as many social networks as possible. The bigger your social network is, the the faster you’ll be able to connect with others. Definitely true!

    Thank you so much for sharing this post Sherri. Keep on posting 🙂

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