resumesalaryIs Your Resume Getting Results? | Career Coach Sherri Thomas

Take a look at your resume. Is it getting you results? Today’s job market is extremely competitive – having a good resume isn’t good enough. Many clients bring me their resumes complaining about not getting interviews and about how there just aren’t enough jobs out there. In reality, millions of people will get new jobs this year. So, why aren’t you one of them? The answer may be because your resume is not sending the right message.

Your resume must prove you are a clear, focused and results-driven individual who can provide the value the company needs. Employers or new clients want to see the value and the results you provided in your last work environment, so state your accomplishments in terms of dollars, percentages and numbers. How have you impacted the bottom line? Highlighting your skills is critical, but stating specific results of your accomplishments will get you the job interview.

To ensure your resume is giving the right message, I encourage you to have it professionally written, or at a minimum, professionally critiqued. The result can not only give you the edge for getting an interview, but it can help you get a higher starting salary. This can mean tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your career! A resume coach may also provide great insight about the skills and qualifications valued within the industry.

Sherri Thomas

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