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April 27, 2010by Sherri Thomas0

The number one frustration among my coaching clients is that they are ready to move up to bigger clients, projects, or a promotion, yet are not being given the chance. If that is how you are feeling, then I’ll tell you the same thing I tell my clients: It is up to YOU to prove you will succeed in that expanded role.

One of the single most difficult things to accomplish in your career will be to convince your current company that you will succeed in a higher level position. It’s not impossible, but it IS challenging. That is because your managers have already formed their perceptions of you based on how you have performed at your current level at your day-to-day responsibilities.

You must look at yourself from their prospective. If you want a promotion from within your current company, find out the job requirements and expectations. You need to fully understand the kinds of work experience, level of education, and personal characteristics required for the position you desire. It may not be necessary to have ALL the job requirements for the new position, but it will be critical to have all the major requirements. If you feel you can successfully do the job, then send the message that you have the proven skill set, knowledge, and training the new position requires – and that you will be successful in the new role.

It is not your employer’s responsibility to “take a chance on you” or “give you a shot”. It is up to YOU to prove you will be successful in that role before you get the promotion.

Sherri Thomas

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