personal brandSuggested Promise of Value – Employed & Struggling | Career Coach Sherri Thomas

April 23, 2010by Sherri Thomas1

Everything you do and say sends messages to your manager, senior managers, clients, peers, and subordinates. Your words, actions, presentations, reports, work deliverables, and professional accomplishments shape the perceptions others have about you and the value you provide.

You were hired, or promoted, to perform a very specific job function. You were hired over the other candidates because your clients or manager believed that you would successfully deliver something of value. Your message should be that you consistently deliver that promised value.

You should be continuously role modeling those strengths, talents and personal characteristics your company values. You should strive for others to view you as a person with particular expertise who provides high quality and results. In this way, you stand out from your peers and gain credibility that fuels your personal brand. You are also helping to create an emotional connection with your employer so the thought of losing you to a competitor makes him cringe.

Sherri Thomas