career coachingWhat have you done lately to drive your career forward? | Career Coach Sherri Thomas

November 7, 2009by Sherri Thomas3

As your career coach, I need to ask you “What have you done lately to drive your career forward?”


Great jobs don’t just land in your lap. You need to know what you want and then go after it!


Have you identified a job role that leverages your passions and strengths? Have you had your resume professionally critiqued and customized to meet the requirements of your dream job? Have you been setting up informational interviews to learn more about different job roles and industries?


So much of having a successful career change depends on your ability to interview well. You may spend months aggressively going after job opportunities – but it all comes down to the last 60-minutes of interviewing that determines the fate of your career.


Want help to make you stand out from your competition? Learn how to showcase your strengths, transferable skills, leadership abilities, accomplishments, and manage perceptions in your next interview in “Interviewing Smart: Insider Secrets to Getting the Job” Guide.

Sherri Thomas


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    Interesting take on this issue. I for one have seen many twists on this and can often spot the holes in the arguement however, on this occasion I belelive your writing is such that everyone should be in agreement with this. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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