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April 2, 2009by Sherri Thomas0
Hi Everyone!What I’ve learned in my career about getting hired is the art of
managing perceptions.  Every step in the hiring process is filled with
other people outside of my influence making quick decisions and snap
judgments about my skills, experience, and more personally, about me. 

the more aware you are of the messages that you’re sending out to
others, the more you can shape and manage those perceptions to showcase
your best assets and greatest qualities.Below are four
strategies to help you master the art of managing perceptions and speed
up the hiring process so that you can get into a new job quickly.

1.    Perceptions are real.  You
influence people through your actions and your words.  As wrong as it
may be, it’s human nature to make very quick judgments about people,
and those judgments are accelerated by warp speed during the hiring
process.  With hundreds of potential candidates for each job opening,
hiring managers and HR professionals have to assess and determine very,
very quickly the right job candidates from the wrong candidates.

the key is to send clear, positive messages through your networking,
resume, and interviews that you consistently add value to an

2.    Shaping perceptions.  The really important question is, What are the perceptions that you want people to have about you? 

you’re in the job market, you need to be sending a crystal clear
message that focuses on the value that you consistently deliver to a
company or client. Your “value” is a unique blend of your strengths,
successes, and the results you’ve achieved for an organization.  Also,
be passionate about the kind of work you enjoy doing.  Your value and
your passion will make you truly unique from a crowd of colleagues,
business associates, and even job applicants.

3.    Resume Power. 
Companies will only interview the top 1 to 3-percent of job candidates,
so if you think the “look” of your resume is good enough – think
again.  The truth is that companies don’t always interview the best
qualified – they interview those with the best resume.  

write your resume yourself.  Instead, if you want to position yourself
as a top candidate then have your resume written by a professional. A
professionally polished resume sends the message that you’re serious
about your career, as well as the job you’re going after.

4.    Interviewing Perceptions. 
Driving perceptions during a job interview is about the way you dress,
the way you interact, and largely about your attitude.  Be prepared,
organized, confident and passionate.

Last week, I interviewed
three consultants to do some project work for me.  When I asked each of
them whether they could do the work successfully, one candidate
responded, “Yes, this is my bread and butter.  And not only can I do
this work successfully, but I like doing this kind of work.”   Calm. 
Confident.  Passionate.  He gave me peace of mind in knowing that
hiring him would bring little, if any, risk.  I hired him on the spot. 

Job candidates who get hired give clear and consistent messages
about the value they bring to an organization, and a passion for the
work they enjoy doing.  When you’re able to successfully manage and
shape perceptions through your networking, resume, and interviews,
you’re much more likely to stand above your competition and get hired.

Sherri Thomas

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