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March 16, 2009by Sherri Thomas1
Yes, Companies are Hiring!

My phone keeps ringing. Normally, I like that!
but these days it’s due to a flurry of professionals panicking because in their
mind “there aren’t any jobs out there.”

That is simply NOT TRUE.

Great companies are ALWAYS hiring high
quality, results oriented professionals and executives.  And more so today, than ever before!
Company leaders know that they will not
survive in this economy doing business as status quo. They must have great talent supporting the
company to rise up and move ahead.
The result of this sluggish economy is that
companies are now taking inventory of which employees are go-getters and
helping the company move forward, and which employees are not.
So, if you’re looking for a new job, know
that yes it’s a little trickier finding those great job openings these days, but
with a foolproof job search strategy and a top notch resume – you CAN and you
WILL get hired!
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