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January 6, 2009by Sherri Thomas4

Ready for a new year, a new career, and a fresh start? Ready to find an employer who values your strengths, talents, and all that you have to offer?  At Career Coaching 360, we spent our holidays working hard behind the scenes to bring you new programs and resources that offer up fresh ideas and ways to help you jump start your career and get a long list of job offers…

  • Join me for a special “Career Change Boot Camp” free tele-seminar on Tuesday, January 20th!  To ease the burden of the economic crunch and to thank you for being part of our Career Coaching 360 community, I’m offering a FREE one-time only, one-hour conference call to give you some of my best (and most successful!) resume strategies, networking tips, job search techniques, and interviewing secrets to help you change careers FAST!

    Psssst – everyone who registers will get the audio recording, so even if you aren’t able to make the call, you’ll still get to hear it!  (I’m offering this free, one-time only tele-class as a special sneak preview to my upcoming 3-hour Boot Camp workshop!)

    Learn more about this free career seminar at Career Coaching 360 career seminar.

  • Are you employed, but nervous about losing your job?  Get some fast career tips for “How to Keep Your Job during this Tough Economy” by watching my recent TV interview on NBC Channel 12 news posted down below…
  • Special Coaching Packages –  We’ve just launched brand new 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month personal career coaching packages designed to fit within your budget, and give you everything you need to manage your career and move into a new job FAST!   Packages include personal one-on-one coaching sessions, unlimited e-mail support, access to our exclusive “Resume & Interviewing Success Toolbox”, plus FR*EE membership to my Career Change Success Circle!  Check out our new personal career coaching packages.
  • Want to double your professional network?  Then join me(!) and the Career Coaching 360 community on

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  • Finally, will you be in Scottsdale, Arizona next Tuesday, January 13th?  If yes, then join me (!) at the at the Arizona Entrepreneurs breakfast where I’ll be presenting key snippets from my book, “Career Smart – 5 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand” to help put you in high demand with customers, hiring managers, and business partners 

As always, our Career Coaching 360 team is here to support you in your career.  Feel free to call us at our toll free number: (877) 559-4533. 

To your success!

Sherri Thomas

Sherri Thomas


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