5 Tips to Getting Into a New Job Fast!

Part One (of a Two-Part Series)…

economy is tough right now, and the job market is even tougher, so it’s
hard to get hired right now, but there are some things you can do to
significantly increase your chances of getting a new job. 

  1. Power up your confidence.  You
    never want to say in an interview, “MMM, yeah, I’m pretty sure I can do
    the job.”  If YOU don’t have confidence in yourself, hiring managers
    won’t either!   So you need to power up your confidence, go in with
    you’re “A GAME” and let them know that without a doubt you can do this
    job successfully! 
  2. Define your career goals.
    If you’re not sure about what type of job you want to be doing…  a
    great place to start is to write down some career goals… so write down
    the type of industry you want to be in, the kind of company, and the
    type of work you WANT to be doing.  And then, get laser-focused on
    finding job openings that target those goals.  …you’re much more likely
    to get hired when you’re passionate about the position!

  • Think up, down and sideways.  A lot of people get stuck in a rut looking for the same job title as their last job. But you can double your options
    by looking at smaller and larger companies.  The smaller company may
    have the same job role listed but with a bigger title (like a Director
    of VP-level), and the larger company may have a smaller title (like a
    manager or specialist) – but it’s the same major responsibilities. 
  • Also, apply for jobs outside of your industry. 
    There are a lot of job roles that you can do in just about any
    industry.  For example, if you’re in a marketing role, or finance role,
    or sales – they need these types of employees across all industries! 

    So start reading trade publications, industry magazines, and the
    Business Journal to learn which industries are hiring, what the hot
    jobs are, and where you can fit in.

  • Leverage your transferable skills. 
    Transferable skills are critical when you’re trying to switch into a
    new job.  Those are skills that transfer from job role to job role.
     Let’s say for example that you’ve been in sales and now you want to
    try something new! You probably have some great experience negotiating
    contracts, so you could punch “negotiating contracts” in your resume to
    help you cross over into another job role – for example, finance or
    business management.
  • Also, -all great
    companies need great people managers and project managers.  So if you
    have either of those skills, be sure to showcase them in your resume –
    they could help you get a new job!   

  • Create a job search plan.  So
    many people post their resume up on Monster.com, and then sit back and
    wait for the phone to ring, and it doesn’t happen that way! In today’s
    market, you really need to work at finding job openings.   You’ll want
    to create an integrated job search plan that includes on-line and
    off-line activities such as:
    1. Your wish list of companies that you want to work for and check out their website every week.
    2. A list of on-line job boards like CareerBuilder.com and CareerJournal.com that you check every week
    3. Industry magazines and newspapers that list classified ads that you read every week.
    4. Networking
      events that you attend every week like industry conferences,
      association meetings, and business networking events.

    faith in yourself, be persistent, and follow these five career
    strategies to get into your new career.  Your new job is out there
    waiting for you – you just need to go get it!

    Sherri Thomas
    is President of Career Coaching 360, an international
    speaker, and author of “Career Smart – 5 Steps to a Powerful
    Personal Brand.” Career Coaching 360 (www.CareerCoaching360.com)
    provides career planning, management coaching, and
    leadership development support to help professionals change
    careers quickly and easily.


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