Happy Holidays from Career Coaching 360!

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Happy Holidays!

I wish I could remember the professional football player’s name who said to me while we were both volunteering at the same charity event, “When you’re blessed – you GOTTA GIVE BACK!”

My parents have been my greatest role models in this area which is why I live my life (and have built Career Coaching 360!) based on this principal.

Here are four (4) ways Career Coaching 360 is paying it forward this holiday season.

  • Kiva.org  -A portion of all Career Coaching 360 sales goes to Kiva.org (my favorite charity!)  Together, our proceeds and donations have added up to over $5,000 to help improve the lives of others in third world countries!  View all of the Career Coaching 360 customer sale donations.
  • Served in Iraq  -One of my friends, Ryan, just returned from Iraq serving in the Navy Reserves.  He asked for help with his resume which got me thinking – we need to help these guys!  Anyone who is serving (or has served) in Iraq gets a deep discount of 70% OFF the Resume Success Toolbox!
  • Habitat for Humanity -Last Wednesday, I closed up shop and spent the day volunteering with my parents at Habitat for Humanity (I’m pictured with my Mom in the photo!)  We sawed lumber on a cold, rainy day to build a home for a family in Phoenix from Ethiopia!
  • Salvation Army – Career Coaching 360 is participating in the Salvation Army’s Adopt-A-Child program and giving toys, clothes, and presents to local children in need of holiday cheer.

If YOU are paying it forward (with time or money) – let me know!  Simply send me a photo and a note telling me what you’re doing to help others this holiday season

If you’d like to expand your professional network, then join me(!) and the Career Coaching 360 community on  and   

P.S.  “CAREER CHANGE BOOT CAMP”  is coming in January!  You’ll get loads  of strategies, scripts, and examples to fast track your career change!  More details to follow in the next newsletter.

Wishing you all the best!



About Career Coach Sherri Thomas
Sherri Thomas is a leading career coach who helps professionals transform and thrive in their career. She is a leading career coach, Huffington Post writer, globe trotting keynote speaker, and the 2013 Best Career Book author of “The Bounce Back – personal stories of bouncing back higher and faster after a layoff, re-org or career setback.” As a sought after media source, she has been featured in top news outlets including NBC-TV Phoenix, the Wall St. Journal, TIME, New York Daily News, Monster.com and many others. She loves traveling around the world and learning about other cultures, thrives in nature, and will always encourage you to go on what she calls a life changing Kenyan safari because the 30-hour flight journey “isn’t that bad.”

3 responses to “Happy Holidays from Career Coaching 360!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just to let you know I just recently changed careers, finished a course in Surgical Technology and I am now doing a job search and preparing for job interviews, as well as trying to put together a resume.  Thank you for all your help and encouragement, it is greatly appreciated.

  2. I really like what you posted here but it may be a bit enhanced, but you’ve surely put in some top notch work and I wish you keep it up. Your website is surely inspiring. Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Hi Christopher! Thanks so much for your comments (and kind words) about my blog. I’m delighted that you find my website inspiring! You’ve made my day!!!! 🙂

      To your success!
      Sherri 🙂

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