New Jobs and the Hottest Job Markets

November 20, 2008 by · 6 Comments 

It’s time to ditch all the negative media going on right now, and focus on the positive news. 
There are thousands of new jobs opening up every week, people getting hired and promoted, and companies getting stronger and thriving. 

But it’s easy to miss all of this because all the media is focusing on what’s going wrong – instead of what’s going right.

If you’re looking to make a career change (or just need to hear some good news!) then below is a list of 7 facts to help you stay motivated and on track for getting into your new career.   

  • reported that in the past ten (10) days, 70 new companies have signed up to post job openings.  Plus(!) 1,400 new jobs have been posted in the past two weeks by the following four (4) companies:  JP Morgan Chase & Company, Microsoft, Price Waterhouse Coopers, and Affiliated Computer Services.  They also reported this week that a hot job market right now is digital jobs in the interactive sector.
  • The Business Journal reported that the hottest cities with thriving job markets include Houston, Austin, and Dallas-Fort Worth.  These three cities have added a total of 107,200 private sector jobs since mid-2007, while keeping their unemployment rates below 5-percent.
  • Additionally, Raleigh’s job base ballooned by 22.1 percent since 2003, and Seattle has added 20,500 private-sector jobs since mid-2007.  Other cities with growing job markets include Durham, North Carolina, Oklahoma City, Charlotte, and San Antonio.
  • The US Labor report stated that 26,000 new jobs were added during the month of October.  Additionally, the Sacramento Business Journal reported that the US Technology industry added 78,300 jobs during the first seven months of 2008.  Within tech services, the most significant growth occurred in engineering and tech services, which added 50,000 jobs, and software services added another 42,300 jobs.
  • Forbes recently reported America’s Top 20 growing jobs which include Aircraft Structure and Systems Assemblers, ($44,180 mean salary), project managers ($66,240 mean salary), producers and directors ($77,070 mean salary), locomotive engineers ($63,180 mean salary), multi-media artists and animators ($61,010 mean salary), medical scientists ($74,160 mean salary), service industry sales reps ($57,480 mean salary)
  • published the hottest jobs and what they pay which include Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts ($46,360 or more), Computer Software Engineers ($46,360 or more), veterinarians ($46,360 or more), Physician Assistants ($46,360 or more), and Forensic Science Technicians ($30,630 – $46,300).
  • Money Magazine reported in this month’s issue that they predict the average pay raise in 2009 will be 3.3-percent, but the average pay raise for a high performer will be 5.6-percent! The recent US Labor Statistics report shows a 6.5-percent unemployment rate which includes unemployed teenagers (20%), and those without any kind of college degree of advanced education.  The other side of the coin shows that 93.5-percent of US workers are employed!

Want a few more facts?  The unemployment rate in the 1932 depression was 23.1-percent (vs. today’s 6.5-percent.)  The gross domestic product in 1932 was13 (vs. today’s 1.6), and consumer spending was -8.9 (vs. today’s 0.5).

If you’re seriously looking to make a career change, then understand one simple fact.  Great companies are ALWAYS looking to hire great contributors. And this especially holds true TODAY.  More than ever, great companies are seeking out results oriented, high valued contributors to help grow and strengthen their organizations.

Stay focused on your job search strategy, stay focused on your goal, and stop reading and listening to all that negative news swirling around you.

Have confidence in knowing that your new career is out there waiting for you – you just need to go get it! 

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