CERTIFIED CAREER COACH SHERRI THOMASCareer coaching to pivot, re-brand and grow your career...

Want a fresh start in a new job? New company? New industry?
I'm a top Career Coach, and here to help you.

Changing your career is so much easier and faster when you know HOW and WHY others are getting job offers and promotions over you. When you know what company leaders and hiring managers want. When you know how to change, uplevel and drive your career - on your terms.

After working in HR inside a Fortune 100 Company as a leadership coach and career coach for 8 years, I've learned the inside track to getting job offers, promotions, and career opportunities.

As Founder/President of Career Coaching 360, over 1,000 of our Fortune 100 clients have ALREADY stepped into a new career... and lifestyle. If you're ready, we can teach you those same exact strategies...
Sherri Thomas, Career Coach

Career Coach Sherri Thomas
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Learn how to pivot, re-brand, and
take control of your career.

Transform your career to a new level. An easier level.

Tired of living in fear of being laid off? Frustrated with the swirling of continuous re-orgs and being bounced from manager to manager?

Your career will get so much easier when you learn how to take control. When you know how to get job offers and promotions. When you can drive your career ON YOUR TERMS.

As the Founder/President of Career Coaching 360 and a recent Leadership Coach and Career Coach inside a Fortune 100 company for 8 years, we're teaching leaders how to build a powerful LEADERSHIP brand (and re-branding.) We're teaching employees the corporate INSIDE SYSTEM to getting more job offers and growth opportunities.

In fact, over 1,000 of our executive and professional clients in all kinds of job roles, and in all kinds of industries have ALREADY stepped into a new career.... and lifestyle.

If you want the easiest, fastest path to a more meaningful career, we can show you the way.

Find out more about everything we offer, here...
Sherri Thomas, leading Career Coach
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I re-branded my career 4 times
and tripled my salary.

Before I became a top Career Coach to Fortune 100 clients, my career wasn't always pretty. Like most others working in the corporate world, I had to overcome some tough breaks. Re-orgs, company mergers, and the constant fear of layoffs... are tough roads to navigate.

I prevailed due to my constant obsession for learning exactly what company executives and leaders want. I climbed the career ladder through 3 Fortune 500 companies by finding and creating my own growth opportunities through front doors, back doors and side doors. I landed jobs that gave me purpose and filled my soul.

In fact, I successfully re-branded my career 4 times and tripled my salary.

And now I teach others how to do the same.

Make the transformation
to a more meaningful career

Find out about everything we offer here to help you take control and change your career.

Want to
know more about me?

Want to know more about my career path full of unexpected bumps and turbulent twists?

Or how my personal journey led me to write my award-winning book, “The Bounce Back – personal stories of bouncing back higher and faster after a layoff, re-org or career setback”?

Or how I became a TOP CAREER COACH working with executives and leaders inside a Fortune 100 company for 8 years?

Let me take you on my personal career journey…

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Let’s discover how you can transform
your career and your lifestyle.

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